Rescue Team Activities

In view of prevailing social, economic and political divide in the country, the poorest of the poor and the poor among the unprivileged sectors of our societies are becoming more and more vulnerable to enticement and force. Children, boys and girls and adolescents are falling prey to enticement, promises or force for the ulterior personal and economic benefit of certain vested interest groups. As a result human trafficking, child abuse and neglect, sexual abuse on girls, child beggary, child employment, forced labour and bondage labour are on the rise. In due regard to check the inhuman practices of these vested groups and to save their targeted groups from exploitation, this organization has formulated its own RESCUE TEAMS to rescue and rehabilitate these vulnerable people. All the following RESCUE TEAMS work in close collaboration of concerned government departments in identifying the victims and in executing the plan of rescue. All these victims will be suitably rehabilitated, immediately depending on the nature of victimization.

  1. Child trafficking/abuse/neglect rescue team
  2. Child labour/bondage labour rescue team
  3. Sexual abuse/prostitute rescue team
  4. Child begging rescue team