Human Trafficking – Solution

Rescue, support and rehabilitation of victimized girls/boys/women

 The unthinkable reality of human trafficking is quietly engulfing innocent, poor and unprivileged sections of our society for an estimated $32 billion in profits across the globe. It is a growing crisis particularly in developing countries like India. It has become a trade, which in all humility of human decency should not be traded in. It is a shark exploitation of the vulnerable, by force or coercion. This organization works in teams in close collaboration of various departments of the State and Centre, formulates plans of rescue, moves strategically and strikes at targeted pre-identified places and areas and rescues the victims. These victims are immediately given treatment to provide them some relief from their tortured physical and mental conditions. Then they are given counseling to ease them out of their bitter past and on the prospects of better future. Later they are given rehabilitation in our homes. They will be advised to pursue their studies by arranging coaching and school admission. After completion of their studies, they are either provided suitable employment or vocational training to start their own businesses or settle in their respective vocation.