Childcare centers

“Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once”

Every child is precious to the world. It is not the social or financial or ethnic or religious back ground that makes a child a HERO or ZERO. IT IS THE OPPORTUNITY THAT WE CREATE TO THE CHILD THAT DECIDES HIS/HER FUTURE. SYLOM fully and whole heartedly agrees with this axiomatic truth. Every possible effort is bestowed to make each child in SYLOM’s CHILDREN HOME/HOSTEL a happy, contended and self-reliant adolescent.

Facilities offered:

  • Admission from nursery to degree (Inter & degree for girls only) – No fee is charged from orphans and they get everything free
  • Separate rooms for boys and girls with spacious A/c dormitory type stay/sleeping
  • Free food and accommodation for all including daily snacks & mineral water
  • Free medical aid to all inmates with medication under the supervision of qualified DOCTORS and each child receives parental love & care from Care Takers
  • Balanced nutritious food under the guidance of qualified NUTRITIONIST
  • Home like entertainment for inmates with TV, games, news paper and reading room
  • Special evening tuition classes under the guidance of qualified teachers
  • Educational tours and study tours for students – special care on every child

Admission process:

 Who is eligible?
 Terms and conditions of admission:
 Benefits for orphans & destitute:
 Life in Sylom – it includes how our wardens behave etc:
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