Awareness Camps

Child care:

New born deaths in India account for more than a quarter of the total newborn deaths in the world. Majority of these deaths occur in rural areas due to poverty and lack of awareness about proper maternal and child health care among parents. There is a need to create awareness among marginalized communities at the lowest rung of the socio-economic ladder of our populace. This organization takes up awareness camps and tours in rural areas and in agency region to educate the low income groups and under privileged communities, so as to improve the mental and physical strengths of children at large.

Save a girl: 

Due to various reasons the sex ratio of our Indian population has been coming down to an alarming stage. Socio-cultural factors and practices namely status of women, patriarchal structure of our societies, preference for a son over daughter, dowry practice and the belief that it is the son who takes care of old parents etc. are the reasons for the present adverse sex ratio. This organization recognizes the need for creating awareness to change the mind set of parents, especially in rural areas. We take up pre-informed awareness camps in villages across the state of AP to create awareness among parents to give equal preference to girl children.

Abuse/violence on children: 

Child abuse has many forms – physical, emotional, sexual, neglect and exploitation. There is growing incidence of child abuse and violence in India. Abuse or violence can affect the normal development of a child impairing his/her mental, physical and social being. Some of these abuses or violence are leading to the death of innocent children. Child abuse or violence causes harm to child’s health, survival, dignity and development. It has a socio-economic angle. Majority of children living in poverty and unprivileged sections of the society are forced to work by own parents or relatives to bring money. Awareness on child abuse or violence needs to be created on parents, especially in rural sector so as to improve child health, both mental and physical. This organization takes up awareness tours in villages and urban slum areas to educate parents on the child care aspects.

Child marriages:  

Even in this internet age, child marriage is still a social threat to the detriment of physical growth, health, mental and emotional development and educational opportunities. It is causing enormous damage to the equilibrium of Indian societies as it is reinforcing a cycle of poverty, perpetuating gender discrimination in its ugly form, impairing literacy and nutritional programmes and resulting in the increase of infant and mortality rates. Our organization takes up the responsibility of counseling residents not to indulge in promoting, helping, aiding or allowing child marriages. We also educate parents and residents about the sensitivity of the child marriages and its ill-effects on children and the society at large.


Human trafficking is the biggest organized crime in the world today. Men, women and children are becoming the victims through the means of force and coercion. People are falling victims to advertisements that coax them with the promise of better future. Most of the victims are falling prey due to luring of more money, jobs or better living conditions. The percentage of victims is more under the age group of 6 – 24, because they easily given in and succumb to force. In due regard to human decency and dignity of living, this organization takes up awareness tours to educate people about the facts of life and not to get attracted to tall promises made by the perpetrators.

Educate girl child: 

In most communities in India girls miss out on school and become child brides or child laborers. They are also deprived of the most basic health services. Girls need to be empowered and given a chance to decide their future. First step toward women empowerment is to educate the girl. When girls are educated, it is then that they get the opportunity to succeed in their life. We take up separate awareness programmes on girl related issues to educate parents and residents, especially in rural areas.

Save the child from slavery: 

Sadly our great country is the home to the largest number of child labourers in the world. Girls between the ages of 7 – 14 are forced to toil for nearly 16 hours a day in industries like cotton seed production, stone cutting, mining and brick industries. The main causes for child labour are poverty and lack of social security. The vast gap between the rich and the poor, privatization of basic services and the neo-liberal economic policies are throwing unprivileged population out of employment and are deprived of basic needs. It is affecting the socio-economic condition of this segment thereby forcing them to send children into employment rather than to school. We truly understand this social and political problem and we also feel that we have responsibility to change the mind set of this sector. We take up awareness camps to educate residents and parents on the need to minimize expenditure on domestic needs, pomp and avoid alcohol consumption, so that their financial position does not force them to send their children to employment. We also educate them on the adverse affects of child labour on their physical, mental and social growth.

How we do it:

We draw up a calendar of awareness camps and team up with concerned government departments with advance intimation. We invite experts in respective fields to make our awareness camps more productive. We also collect feedback from the targeted groups, analyze them and make due changes according to the feedback data to make our awareness camps more effective to bring the desired change on the demographics.