Training For Pastors

There are about 3962 pastors in India from Jammu to Kanyakumari. We extend our moral support to this net work of pastors. We organize meetings and get together functions to meet up with these pastors in a phased manner. We consolidate these forums to share our feelings and experiences in the Evangelism work here in India. We take up Bible classes and trainings to pastors to make them more effective in their day to day work. Their needs, if any will be examined by the board of our organization and take suitable action in fulfilling them. During 2013-14, this net work could baptise 6, 000 people in India. This figure got multiplied many fold during 2014-15 and 1, 00, 000 people were baptised. Our net work of pastors wishes to surpass this figure during 2015-16.